Controlling the Narrative: Lance Armstrong and the Rest of Us

“I wanted to control the narrative.”  That phrase has sprung out of the otherwise unsurprising Lance Armstrong doping confession. The need to “control the narrative” captures much human motivation and underlies multiple decisions. If we can indeed control the narrative, we can keep ourselves protected, lie with impunity and still look intact, together and successful. Armstrong’s real problems lie far beyond the lying and the doping. Those transgressions can be seen as primarily self-destructive. But Armstrong was other-destructive because he insisted that all who rode with him had to submit themselves to the full doping regimen AND routinely lie about … Continue reading Controlling the Narrative: Lance Armstrong and the Rest of Us

Peggy Railey and the Pastoral Life

Peggy Railey finally died yesterday.  Twenty-five years in a vegetative coma, left there after an attack by what all assumed but was never proved to be her husband, Walker Railey, then the highly popular pastor of First United Methodist Church, Dallas. Twenty five years of agony for her family, twenty-five years of low moans, what looked like agonizing pleas for help coming from her eyes, and no other communication. Thanks be to God, she has now passed into glory.  It was time for her release–and time for the family as well. At the very best, Walker Railey was an intelligent, … Continue reading Peggy Railey and the Pastoral Life