More Thoughts on the Scandal

An insightful friend who is not a United Methodist wrote me today about the situation at St. Luke and Tyrone Gordon.  She asks, after doing as much reading about the situation as she could, Very interesting that the pastor gave up his credentials and then the church pretty much said that ended it for them.  Did that mean they stopped investigating the alleged incidents because the man was no longer a ordained minister of the church?  I didn’t get that.  Don’t they want to know if it happened on their watch?  And then don’t they owe it to those he … Continue reading More Thoughts on the Scandal

Touch Not the Lord’s Anointed

From the number of hits and responses I’ve received from my previous post about the allegations against Tyrone Gordon, still technically pastor at St. Luke Community UMC until Feb. 15, I am aware that this is an area of huge interest. Now, assuming that these allegations are true (and my good husband did remind me as I’m raging about this that nothing has been proven and that it all may be a pack of lies against the now uncredentialed Gordon), it appears that there may have been a long standing pattern of sexually predatory behavior. Anyone who knows me knows … Continue reading Touch Not the Lord’s Anointed

Appalling News: Situation at St Luke Community UMC

The heartbreaking article in the Dallas News can be found at this link.  The newly resigned pastor at St. Luke Community UMC in Dallas, Tyrone Gordon, has been accused of multiple sexual improprieties. Discretion, potential lawsuits, and “presumption of innocence” prohibits me from publishing some of the things I want to say right now. So let me just list my emotional responses–and, by the way, I had heard that this might be the case earlier in this week, so I was not completely taken by surprise by the article:  anger, heart-broken, shame, deep frustration, horror, disgust, completely out of patience … Continue reading Appalling News: Situation at St Luke Community UMC