The Return: Church as Garden

For three months now, I have traveled, rested, prayed, written, reveled in family time, read, walked, worked in gardens, and regained health. I now return to the work I love and have missed, serving as pastor to Krum First United Methodist Church.  I thank this group of generous people who supported my time away.  I am beginning my seventh year here, and it was time for a real Sabbath rest. All of us are built for periods of rest.  We simply don’t take them. Our world calls “foolish” the idea of extended time away, or even one day a week … Continue reading The Return: Church as Garden

The Church as Jazz Band

“My bags are packed, I’m ready to go . . .”  People of a certain age may recognize this song, “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane”—and the mixed joy and sorrow it brings. Yes, I’m leaving—and on a jet plane, but just for three months.  This is a long-planned Sabbatical which is intended to give me rest with time to heal, write and pray, plus spend time with my very scattered family whom I rarely get to see. Today was my last Sunday in the pulpit. So often when an interim pastor comes in for a time, s/he is facing a … Continue reading The Church as Jazz Band