The Wading Pool

My parents, both born and bred in Indiana, uprooted their family and moved us all to Texas when my siblings and I were 10, 7 and 6. The first thing my mother did after our move was enroll us in swimming lessons. She knew that the hotter weather here meant that water activities were a big part of summer vacations. She herself never learned to swim, and was personally terrified of water any deeper than that of a wading pool. She was determined that her children would not suffer that same fate. The three of us became decent swimmers and … Continue reading The Wading Pool

The Basket Case

I emailed a friend of mine this morning that I felt like a basket case today as I deal with the church, community and personal grief of our losses this week. My friend, a wonderful woman with profound spiritual insight and gifted as writer, wrote back: When we are basket cases, God carries us by the handle that has been woven especially to support our weight.  He walks along, filling us with handfuls of Heavenly balm.  The cadence of his voice caresses us with calm.  His very breath on us keeps our spirits warm. So ride in the basket for a bit.  God’s hands … Continue reading The Basket Case