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Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: “Deliberately Diluting God’s Word” and First Class Women

  Dear Thoughtful Pastor: We have several examples of the power of prayer and the direct influence it can have on our lives and the lives of those around us. Yet you, in a previous column, would discourage people from … Continue reading Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: “Deliberately Diluting God’s Word” and First Class Women

Questions, Questions, We’ve Got Questions

Last Tuesday, a group of people sat in a circle and we began an open discussion about our questions about our faith.  I have called this group “Doubters Anonymous” and have invited anyone who wants to explore any aspect of their faith to come together during Lent and do so in an open, welcoming atmosphere where we have placed a moratorium on heresy hunting. These are the questions that came up in our time together: Questions about prayer:  how to recognize answers—or no answers. How to recognize and develop a personal relationship with god. How to talk with God? What … Continue reading Questions, Questions, We’ve Got Questions

Two Prayers–and a Problem

Two people want to pray. People can certainly pray anywhere, but these two decided to go to a place where prayers are routinely said. There is definitely something that enhances prayers by going to a place that really is set aside for such activity. The atmosphere may quiet the spirit, the whispers of other prayers, long since said, may still inhabit the space, pulling us toward a transcendent experience. A really fascinating book, just released, called The Year of Living Biblically tells, among other things, how the regular practice of prayer brought a sense of inner belief that has never … Continue reading Two Prayers–and a Problem