Poverty is Everyone’s Problem: Ministry WITH the Poor

Imagine this scenario:  You and your family are, as are most people in the US, what is called “asset poor.” That is, if family income suddenly disappeared, you would have inadequate reserve cash to live even at the federal poverty level for three months ($1962.50/month for a family of four) and stay current with your “must pay” bills. Now, a layoff occurs, your car breaks down, and a child becomes quite ill.  All normal parts of living. Your few assets are quickly depleted; credit cards maxed. Eventually, you are evicted from your residence. You manage for quite a while with … Continue reading Poverty is Everyone’s Problem: Ministry WITH the Poor

Cold and Comfort, Disquiet at the Disparity

It’s one of those days where I realize just how fortunate I am.  The wind is pretty wild here in Krum and the temperature dropped well into the freezing range overnight.  It’s projected to be bitterly cold here tonight. I personally welcome the cold weather.  I sleep better, and also appreciate the necessity of extended cold for the sake of yard and garden. I am also not poor.  I live in a reasonably well-insulated house with a good heating system, have warm enough clothes, a car with a good heater, and plenty of blankets. No reason not to enjoy this. … Continue reading Cold and Comfort, Disquiet at the Disparity

Could It Happen Again?

As I was perusing the Dallas Morning News today, the business news reminded me again that many of us baby boomers peering into the retirement years are not seeing a pretty picture. Another article noted that even more people have now slipped below the poverty line. Below is a graphic showing where the poverty line is drawn for differing household groupings:   Then there was the third headliner that caught my eye on the business page:  “Beautiful people benefit in many ways!”   Apparently, it took a researcher 20 years to figure out that people with more symmetrical facial features get … Continue reading Could It Happen Again?

An Ode to Air Conditioning

The air is hot and so am I.  Work in the yard and garden is restricted now to just the earliest hours of the morning, and even then, I come in drenched with sweat.  Like most other people, I’m keeping the temperature in the house much higher than I have before, but the compressor still seems to run most of the time anyway. At least it is comfortable.  I know what it is like to live in this area without air conditioning.  When my folks first moved to Texas, they rented a large house near downtown Dallas for a couple … Continue reading An Ode to Air Conditioning