On Healthy Eating

For the last year, I’ve made a lot of changes to my eating habits in order to eat as healthily as possible.  However, I really don’t like to cook and so many of my own meals are pretty simple affairs.  Since the surgery, I’ve been eating exceptionally well, first as Keith cooked, and he the most creative cook I’ve ever known, and then as church members brought me great food laced with love.  Then when I to got New York City, both sets of families there went out of their way to feed me healthily. Today, I simply have to … Continue reading On Healthy Eating

No Middle Ground: Eliminate the “Try” Word

About a year ago, I was introduced to Paleo eating, and removed all wheat and grain products from my diet and most dairy (I’ve long been lactose intolerant anyway).  It was and is a challenging way to eat. It also dropped my blood pressure 30 points, and left me with perfect blood sugar and cholesterol counts (despite intentionally eating a high proportion of saturated fats and a lot of eggs), and reversed what had been a galloping movement toward an auto-immune disease. While I may be facing the possibility of cancer, I’m doing so in a lot better basic health … Continue reading No Middle Ground: Eliminate the “Try” Word