The Biopsy Was Inconclusive

“The biopsy was inconclusive.” My reaction to these words show me again how much I want certainty.  But certainty is not to be. No closure, no absolute answer, no clear direction.  I must make a decision with incomplete evidence. Hardly a new experience in the scheme of human history. The idea of “closure” is part of the fantasy of certainty.  Closure implies perfect release, decisions made on 100% evidence, freedom from second-guessing.  Frankly, very little crossover with reality there. Reality is what the early followers of Jesus found after the crucifixion.  All their hopes dashed, no new kingdom established, and … Continue reading The Biopsy Was Inconclusive

Sleepless Night, Soul Agony

It was a night spent in prayer for every single person involved in this situation at St. Luke UMC.  Whatever happens here, the ripples will go far and wide. The older I get, the more aware I am that there is no such thing as a neutral action.  We either help grow the kingdom of God, or we help shrink it by all that we say, do, think and believe. Anger against injustice, especially when there is injustice toward the especially vulnerable, i.e., the very young and innocent, the very old and frail, and those without normal defenses, does seem … Continue reading Sleepless Night, Soul Agony