I Would Have Cut and Run As Well

I would have cut and run as well. I would have run into that darkness to save my body, not caring that I was leaving behind my soul. You see, before anyone saw the light and bright of Easter Sunday, darkness prevailed. Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem probably led many to hope, “Now, someone will get rid of these Roman oppressors!” They saw Jesus as “messiah,” the sent one who would set them free. Messiahs live in a world of misunderstanding, especially those who come preaching peace and concern for the outsiders, not war and gaining as much as possible … Continue reading I Would Have Cut and Run As Well

On a Holy Lent

I come from a non-liturgical background so the idea of observing Ash Wednesday seemed utterly foreign to me until my middle adult years when I found myself deeper drawn to both the contemplative life and the rhythms of the liturgical church year. The first year I observed the Lenten fast transformed my understanding of sin, grace and redemption. Easter made sense for the first time ever. Each year since then I have spent a few days asking God to show me what would be the way of my Lenten discipline for the season knowing the moment I said “oh no, … Continue reading On a Holy Lent

A Week In The Life of a Very, Very Tired Pastor

Saturday: A day in the garden:  pulled weeds, planted onions and a tree, got a flower bed rebuilt, cleaned up the yard, got garden ready for rest of early and late spring plantings, did laundry, straightened up the house, dealt with mail, went to bed early, ready in body, spirit and soul for the week. Sunday: Three powerful, rich worship services filled the morning and I acknowledged once again that I work with not just a first-rate team, but with a first-rate team who love Jesus, honor and care for each other, and are willing to essentially be invisible with … Continue reading A Week In The Life of a Very, Very Tired Pastor

A Time to Feast and a Time to Fast

If every day were Christmas, we’d be miserable.  We’d be stuffed, bored, broke and fractious.  Irritations would win the day and gloom and unfulfilled expectations would slather everyone with despondency. Adults would desperately turn to TV, youth and teens to video games, as a way to disconnect from person-to-person contact.  Children, surrounded by piles of overly-stimulating toys, would resort to whining, “Is that all there is?” as a way to remove themselves from their mental and emotional chaos. Christmas is special because it comes just once a year. But no one can stay in a fever pitch of excitement for … Continue reading A Time to Feast and a Time to Fast

More Thoughts on Forgiveness

After I wrote what I posted yesterday, I saw this comic strip: Sometimes, a picture really does say it all. Life is too short to hold a grudge.  Or, as the scriptures put it, if you don’t forgive others, God won’t forgive you (Matt. 6:15).  The Practice of Forgiveness will be the first of the four essential Christian disciplines we will address during Lent this year.  See you on Sunday! Continue reading More Thoughts on Forgiveness