Reflections Upon Heading Home

My bag is packed, and shortly I’ll head out, flag down a taxi like the best of New Yorkers and head to the airport.  I still have the rest of July for the Sabbatical, and massive amounts of work to put what I’ve written and thought about during these weeks into a coherent form, useful to the church I serve, and perhaps to the church world at large. One last walk in Central Park this morning helped me to see three things. First, I accomplished a great deal on this time away.  I am rested, healthy, filled with the love … Continue reading Reflections Upon Heading Home

The Kingdom of Heaven and Heathrow Airport

Perhaps the kingdom of heaven is a bit like Heathrow Airport on Wednesday, June 27 . On that day: I fly from Heathrow to NYC, ending my extended sojourn in the UK, and beginning my reentry into the US. My nephew flies from Heathrow to Los Angeles My nephew’s mother-in-law lands at Heathrow from Florida. My son flies in from the Middle East mid-morning for two meetings at Heathrow and then back out again that evening for Berlin. My daughter-in-law’s brother lands at Heathrow from Bogotá, Colombia for the funeral of their sister’s father-in-law. Chances are none of us will … Continue reading The Kingdom of Heaven and Heathrow Airport

Hollow Be My Name

Fatigue wrapped its ugly arms around me earlier today–the worst I’ve experienced since starting my Sabbatical. Think it came from a weekend spent in the Cotswolds where I had a wonderful time reconnecting with a beloved nephew and his family and saw glorious countryside–and parts of New College Oxford where scenes from Harry Potter are filmed.  But . . . I completely lost the rhythm of walking/reading/writing that had characterized my days recently and that had led to such a sense of physical and spiritual well-being. My best recourse when I reach this point is to move.  This body is … Continue reading Hollow Be My Name

Off to the Races!

My son sailed into the house after the weekly run with his wife to the warehouse store to restock their pantry (they rarely eat out, all food must be fresh and wholesome and it’s a lot of work to keep an adequate amount of food on hand) and said, “We’ve got a Granny job for you today!” He and his wife and her sister and her husband had made a last minute decision to head to Epsom Downs and go to the races.   This is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite horse racing track–and she’s expected to be there today.  The kids … Continue reading Off to the Races!

Starting as Strangers, Leaving as Friends

Earlier today, Adriana, while making me, the children and herself the usual highly nutritious breakfast, also fixed lunch for this family and for her sister’s husband, Ian, and his two daughters, Katie, ten, and Grace, eight.  Rocio, Adriana’s sister, is currently stuck in Germany for a business deal and has been there nearly 10 days.  Adriana has picked up a great deal of the child care concerns and household tasks in Rocio’s absence. As we prepared to drop children and lunch over there so we could shop for Joshua’s birthday, Adriana learned that Christine, a friend of Adriana’s sister, who … Continue reading Starting as Strangers, Leaving as Friends