Above All, Do No Harm

The idea of “doing no harm” underlies many important service traditions.  The Hippocratic Oath, often taken by students upon graduating from medical school, reads in part:  “I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.” The General Rules of The United Methodist Church read: First, do no harm. Second, do all the good you can. Third, stay in love with God. Recently, I came across the Oath for Compassionate Service written by Robert Lupton and explained in his book, Toxic Charity. Here is part of the … Continue reading Above All, Do No Harm

I Am Rich, I Am Poor

“How can anyone get into heaven?  It must be impossible!”  That’s what Jesus’ disciples said to him after he had told a very rich young man that he had to give everything away in order to inherit eternal life. Most of us aren’t asked to give everything away, but there certainly is invitation to give generously of the money and belongings entrusted to us by God. But lots of people either giving nothing away at all or give scantily, as measured by percentage of wealth, not dollar amounts. Why?  Perhaps there is a lack of charitable giving because many think … Continue reading I Am Rich, I Am Poor