The Fox in the Henhouse

Is it gracious to let a fox loose in a henhouse? I believe most of us would say a hearty “no” to that, but think about it a moment. Assuming for just a moment that foxes can talk, suppose a fox comes to you, the henhouse owner, and says, I know I’ve had  some problems in the past, and may have possibly caused harm to a few of  your plump little hens. However, all that took place when I was a young fox, still quite immature emotionally, with undeveloped  techniques for dealing with my temptations and perhaps just a few … Continue reading The Fox in the Henhouse

In Heaven As It Is On Earth

I wish I could get it across that what Jesus lived and taught has almost no relationship with the “hate-ianity” that masquerades as Christianity across the press, airways and religious institutions today. What should be a grace-infused, fully-life-giving, all-welcomed, heavenly-spaces-opened, mystery-explored, forgiveness and reconnection-enjoyed experience has turned into a “gotta hate gays, gotta vote republican, gotta be sure and send everyone who believes differently to eternal conscious torment” religious charade. Now, the “gotta-hate” group makes better headlines. And the “gotta send everyone else to hell” mentality makes for tighter cohesive groups where if we are in, we are really in. … Continue reading In Heaven As It Is On Earth