The Taught Being the Teacher

During Lent, I’ve been leading a study I called “Doubters Anonymous” which was set up to give those with questions about our faith a place to express them openly and without condemnation.  I had no idea what would happen when we began this.  I planned to simply let it unfold. What we ended up doing was examining this scenario:  a pastor (married), runs off with the choir director (married), both divorce their spouses and then marry each other.  Church left devastated in their wake.  Several years later, the former pastor and choir director return to the church and request to … Continue reading The Taught Being the Teacher

The Problem with Power

Sam Hodges with the United Methodist Reporter has written more about the situation at St. Luke Community UMC that also mentions some of the challenges Rev. Greer has faced–including people putting sheets of paper defaming him on cars at Cockrell Hill UMC, where Greer now serves as Local Pastor. This harassment happened before he filed the lawsuit. Hodges has written a balanced article that respects the fact that the lives and voices of the alleged victims, as well as the life and voice of the alleged perpetrator, need to be honored. I am aware that I will probably face complicated … Continue reading The Problem with Power