Christmas Eve in Krum

Christmas Eve worship ended a little while ago for us. The worship team had decided that it would be good to have a separate time of Holy Communion with the choir and tech people beforehand so they could lead with their voices and other necessary work during that time.  Rarely do I get to face them when giving the words of consecration. Tonight as I did so, love flowed through the choir room.  I find it great privilege to be in worship leadership with them. They give so much, all volunteer hours, and to ask for their entire Christmas Eve seemed … Continue reading Christmas Eve in Krum

The “supposed to” of Christmas Eve

There was a steady stream of people in my office yesterday, just needing to talk.  Many of them were battling the “I’m supposed to feel . . . ” syndrome of Christmas Eve, that idea permeating the air that everyone is supposed to be happy, carefree and excitedly anticipating the morrow. So not true.  So very, very not true.  More and more churches are holding “Blue Christmas” services to seek to honor that fact that not everyone is having a holly, jolly time.  While I understand the intent behind those types of worship experiences, I don’t want to hold one … Continue reading The “supposed to” of Christmas Eve