Lean and Mean or Deep and Wide?

I’m sitting on an airplane to NYC to begin my Sabbatical, which will include much thinking and writing about the nature of a healthy church culture. I am both pastor and gardener.  The first by occupation, the second by avocation.  I love both venues.  I also often say that there is no place like the church, and the garden, to break my heart. In the garden, weather, insects, weeds and pestilence often combine to destroy hours, weeks, months of hard work.  In the church, we break hearts routinely by our breaking of covenant with God and with each other. Covenant … Continue reading Lean and Mean or Deep and Wide?

Arrest Him!

Last night at our Midweek Miracle program for children and youth, I invited them to act out parts of the passion week story as I told it to them again. Several of the older youth “arrest” Jesus while the high priests stand off to the side, nodding with approval. Although the children occasionally mugged a bit for the audience, the prevailing mood was somber and serious. This was no laughing matter.  The Jesus they talk about frequently had just been taken away and they had participated in the betrayal. We ended the evening with the burial and the Lord’s Prayer. … Continue reading Arrest Him!

No Middle Ground: Eliminate the “Try” Word

About a year ago, I was introduced to Paleo eating, and removed all wheat and grain products from my diet and most dairy (I’ve long been lactose intolerant anyway).  It was and is a challenging way to eat. It also dropped my blood pressure 30 points, and left me with perfect blood sugar and cholesterol counts (despite intentionally eating a high proportion of saturated fats and a lot of eggs), and reversed what had been a galloping movement toward an auto-immune disease. While I may be facing the possibility of cancer, I’m doing so in a lot better basic health … Continue reading No Middle Ground: Eliminate the “Try” Word