Lean and Mean or Deep and Wide?

I’m sitting on an airplane to NYC to begin my Sabbatical, which will include much thinking and writing about the nature of a healthy church culture. I am both pastor and gardener.  The first by occupation, the second by avocation.  I love both venues.  I also often say that there is no place like the church, and the garden, to break my heart. In the garden, weather, insects, weeds and pestilence often combine to destroy hours, weeks, months of hard work.  In the church, we break hearts routinely by our breaking of covenant with God and with each other. Covenant … Continue reading Lean and Mean or Deep and Wide?

One Thoughtless Move

From what I can tell as I read other blogs and reports from General Conference, it was the rigid adherence to Roberts Rules of Order and a case of thoughtlessness that led to the dismantling yesterday of a key element in the United Methodist system. Now, is the current system working well?  Nope.  But I’m betting the unintended consequences of this move, to give Bishops the power to put clergy on a two year transitional leave, without financial support, without health insurance, without pension contributions, and for many, without housing, and for clergy to have no power to refuse appointments … Continue reading One Thoughtless Move

Is There One Righteous Bishop in The United Methodist Church?

Is there one righteous Bishop in The United Methodist Church?  This would be akin to Abraham asking if there were 50 righteous men in Sodom.  I am just asking for one. I ask for just one righteous Bishop to stand up and say, This is wrong.  All of our colleagues who are in covenant relationship with us as Bishops have just lost their guaranteed appointments, while I am a Bishop for life with a great salary and nice retirement and financial security for self and family.   Those colleagues, whose lives are in my hands, may, at my nearly unaccountable … Continue reading Is There One Righteous Bishop in The United Methodist Church?