To Do An “Akin”

There is probably not even one halfway awake person in the US who has not heard about the comments made by a formerly obscure candidate in Missouri for a US Senate seat. Last Sunday, Todd Akin suddenly burst from his obscurity with a comment so hateful to women and so stupid in reasoning that I wouldn’t be surprised if a new phrase is formed. Can’t you hear it now?  “Oh boy, I just did an “akin.”  People might utter that upon discovering they have just done or said something both imbecilic and hugely insulting to others. Thanks to the instantaneity … Continue reading To Do An “Akin”

The Unnatural Act of Forgiveness

A fight breaks out between two preschoolers. The parents or caregivers break up the fight and insist that the children tell each other they are sorry. On the rarest of occasions is there a sincere “I really am sorry I did that. I was wrong. Please forgive me.” Usually, for the children involved it is just an exercise in saying the right words to keep from getting into even more trouble. Inside, the little ones are screaming “It wasn’t MY fault!!!!!” Those insincere apologies grow in sophistication as we grow older, but they still do little for bringing about real … Continue reading The Unnatural Act of Forgiveness