Another First World Problem

In the spirit of poking a bit of fun about the inconveniences of modern life, I post my second installment of my latest First World Problem. The previous one can be found here. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to give away a TV that was connected to the satellite service and served only as a recording device–no one ever watched it. Little did I realize that, by disconnecting it and not replacing it, I would mess up the way the remote control worked on the other TV set. After a TV-less week (gasp!), I finally called the service … Continue reading Another First World Problem

Mystery Worship Two

For Mystery Worship Number Two, I picked the Sunday Evening Contemporary Worship service at Park Avenue United Methodist Church on the upper east side of New York City, After an afternoon near midtown, I arrived by taxi about 6:15 pm for 6:30 worship.. I found the doors of the church wide open with a greeter there ready to say hi and offer me a simple order of worship. ┬áThe bulletin was simple, one/half sheet, printed in color. Like many churches in NYC, the building is just one of many offices, restaurants, shopping and residential spots all right next to each … Continue reading Mystery Worship Two