The Aging Brain: Research Participants Needed

A couple of months ago, I blogged about selling my brain to science. This program, run by the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine, is recruiting adults to participate in two different studies which will seek to measure the impact of exercise on cognitive functioning. The photo here shows the glamorous outfit I was given to wear today: a t-shirt and a pair of disposable shorts. Shortly after getting myself all dolled up on them, I was hooked up to multiple wires and probes while they did Doppler readings of various arteries and then ultrasound exams of my carotid arteries and my … Continue reading The Aging Brain: Research Participants Needed

Smaller Portions in 2014, Please

Over Christmas, I saw, Philomena, a well-done movie of evil masquerading as good, the need for closure, the temptation for revenge, and the freedom of forgiveness. Major human life themes combined with great acting: compelling and captivating. The story revolves around an Irish woman trying to find her son, adopted nearly 50 years before.  When she learns that he had been adopted by US citizens and grown up here, her immediate concern: “What if he is obese?  The portions are so huge there.” That line about the huge portions brought a good audience laugh. But perhaps an uncomfortable laugh–these words … Continue reading Smaller Portions in 2014, Please

Further Thoughts on the Texas Abortion Decision: Framing the Question

An Ideal World I’m with Rick Perry, Governor of Texas (whom I personally find embarrassing in his egomaniacal drive to become President of the US) on one thing only:  in an ideal world, there would be no abortions. But also in an ideal world there would be cohesive families, no rape or incest, no fetal deformities incompatible with life,  no spousal/girlfriend abuse, no abandoned mothers/children, affordable health care and insurance, high quality subsidized day-care available to all who need it, an economy that makes meaningful work available to all, an educational system that does not shortchange the poorest of the poor, and … Continue reading Further Thoughts on the Texas Abortion Decision: Framing the Question