Praying for Ted Nugent?

Like many others, I am so deeply troubled by the choice of both Texas and national Republicans to use Ted Nugent as a spokesperson for their views. Try typing into a search engine, “Ted Nugent Pedophile” and see what comes up. To call this man “vile” might be a compliment. He’s simply appalling. Now, I will tell you that I’d never even heard of this person before last week’s dust-up in Denton. I’m not much into pop culture, and never have been. Never listened to his music, never even knew he existed. But his association with Republicans is not new. … Continue reading Praying for Ted Nugent?

A World and a People in Need of Healing

We need therapy.  We need deep, freedom-giving healing. Why?  Well, let’s take a quick look at a few current situations. •   The usual political “I want to get re-elected at all costs and I don’t care what happens to ordinary people who don’t load me up with campaign contributions” maneuvering continues in our nation’s capital. •   The health care system accelerates its out-of-control spiral, making decent health care less and less accessible to any but the exceedingly rich and lucky and a misery to dedicated practicing physicians and other health care professionals. •   As we continue to seek healing from the Newtown, CT, … Continue reading A World and a People in Need of Healing

Pins and Needles, the Election and our Charitable Giving

I admit it–the polls are going to close in a couple of hours on the East Coast, and I’m already getting antsy to start hearing results.  I keep checking my favorite political commentators and statisticians as if their words will assure my comfort and hoped for victory. I’ve been quite careful not to openly state the candidate I hope will win the Presidential election. I think that as a pastor, my role is to encourage people to think carefully about these things.  After investigation and reflection, all should vote in ways that best reflect their understanding of how we live … Continue reading Pins and Needles, the Election and our Charitable Giving