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Ask Thoughtful Pastor: “Does God Like Women?” How About a Tampon Drive?

Did you know that SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) funds cannot be used to purchase feminine hygiene products? Can you imagine what it would be like to be a girl or woman living in deep poverty and unable to take care … Continue reading Ask Thoughtful Pastor: “Does God Like Women?” How About a Tampon Drive?

Denton Mystery Worship Ten: The Passive Performance, Baptist-Style

An hour and 10 minute service, including high-sound Christmas music and a high-speed 40 minute sermon, left me a bit overwhelmed when I emerged from early worship at First Baptist Church, Denton this past Sunday morning. I had been greeted … Continue reading Denton Mystery Worship Ten: The Passive Performance, Baptist-Style

Why FaceBook And Robert’s Rules of Order Make Holy Conferencing Impossible: An Alternative Approach

Yet One More FB Explosion For what seemed like the trillionth time, I watched another clergy Facebook conversation degenerate into frustration, name-calling, shut-off, and despair. The few political conversations I have participated on using the same medium have seen similar fates. Why? First, let’s look at Twitter.  With a 140 character limit, it became a place to is to make a hard hit with few words and watch the fallout. One-liners rule the day.  And one-liners have no space for nuance, for shades of gray, for real dialogue that might lead to mutual understanding. With FB conversations, those brief one-liners … Continue reading Why FaceBook And Robert’s Rules of Order Make Holy Conferencing Impossible: An Alternative Approach

Don’t Send Shoes

The number one thing is, “Don’t send your used shoes.” Compassionate people plus tough and tragic situations equals a desire to do something, anything, to relieve suffering. So we ask, “how can I help?” There’s plenty of suffering to go around. From mass near starvation of Syrian refugees to still-unmeasured destruction and death in the Philippines from Typhoon Haiyan to the average, everyday angst that afflicts most everyone–well, we’re just not going to run out of instances that birth the impulse to help. Where to start? Don’t send used shoes. Really. Don’t do this. It makes things worse. One veteran … Continue reading Don’t Send Shoes

Charities, Corruption, and Wisdom

I mentioned in my message this past Sunday that all of us engage in a corrupt world. Our job is not to separate ourselves from it, but to bring light and grace to it.  It takes a great deal of wisdom to learn how to do this without corrupting our own souls. While many have tried to create utopian communities where corruption will be unwelcome and people can live in harmony and peace, such communities ALWAYS fall apart. That, like it or not, is the human existence. All my life, I’ve been drawn to organizations that seek to enhance the … Continue reading Charities, Corruption, and Wisdom

God, Tragedy, Churches, Faith and Forgiveness

The Dallas Morning News had a front page article today about the role faith and churches are playing in the aftermath of the deadly tornadoes in Granbury. The beginning of the article contains these statements: In a place where so much has been lost, broken and scattered, many people in this tornado-touched town say they found something they didn’t know was missing. “I guess you’d call it faith,” said Josiah Thompson, a 26-year-old who decided at the last minute to take his wife and two young children to Granbury Baptist Church on Wednesday night. Thirty minutes later, his rental home … Continue reading God, Tragedy, Churches, Faith and Forgiveness

Taxes, Details, Money, and Peace

After about five hours of uninterrupted work on my computer, I finally had to say, “Time to quit.”  Would that I had been writing an article, or composing a message, or catching up on correspondence or something else wonderfully creative!  But this task was far more mundane:  going over my 2012 financial records in preparation for the income tax deadline. Clergy taxes are extremely complicated, as we are considered self-employed, and so pay the extra SE tax, but really are not. Every expense needs to be categorized. Good hardware and software help manage this herculean job of exacting record-keeping, but … Continue reading Taxes, Details, Money, and Peace