Murder of the Innocents

Who is not just sick, as well as outraged, by the murder of the innocents in Connecticut?  Who?  Why?  How could he or they?  What kind of evil and demons drive such an action? Yes, what kind of evil?  There is no way to whitewash this.  The murder of innocents is evil.  It happened after Jesus’ birth–and I often struggle with the fact that many mothers, fathers and babies in Bethlehem suffered horrendously because they had the bad luck to live in that town at the time. Herod was evil.  Possibly mentally ill, but still evil. The person(s) who perpetuated … Continue reading Murder of the Innocents

A Normal Day Interrupted by a Divine Appointment?

I woke yesterday with a sense of work-urgency informing my plans for the day.  It was the first day I had any real schedule freedom to do intensive work on the many messages that need to be prepared and delivered in the next 12 days. My Director of Worship and I have been working on the services for several weeks.  Initial concepts have been examined and modified, perfected, so to speak.  Music pieces discussed, musicians recruited, especially for the 11:00 pm Christ Mass on December 24, and our first ever Blue Christmas service on December 20. Acolytes and readers are … Continue reading A Normal Day Interrupted by a Divine Appointment?