Another First World Problem

In the spirit of poking a bit of fun about the inconveniences of modern life, I post my second installment of my latest First World Problem. The previous one can be found here.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to give away a TV that was connected to the satellite service and served only as a recording device–no one ever watched it. Little did I realize that, by disconnecting it and not replacing it, I would mess up the way the remote control worked on the other TV set.

After a TV-less week (gasp!), I finally called the service provider and sought help. A thirty minute phone call later, we thought we had a solution and that the remote previously set up for the second TV would now work on the main one.

It did, that night. The next time I tried to turn it on, I discovered that remote one had to be used to turn on the TV, and would control the sound. Remote two had to be used to actually control the channels and find the guide. And neither of them worked if I paused a program while recording it. The whole thing just freezes up.

Can you believe this? The deprivation! The withdrawal! The suffering! The inconvenience! And there is NO SOLUTION until the new remote, currently being expedited to me, actually arrives and I make another phone call to program it properly!

Oh dear, I guess I shall have to read one of the several hundred books on my e-reader instead. Unless, of course, I forget to CHARGE THE BATTERY! Oh no–will I survive?

2 thoughts on “Another First World Problem

  1. I had that problem. I have to turn the TV off manually. This is a major issue when I am snug in my bed and it’s chilly in the room. I usually just turn the volume down and leave the set on. The light is very comforting. LOL.


  2. Hey great thought, you could always go old school and read or reread a real honest to goodness paper book. What a novel idea! Or if weather and clouds permit you could also take a walk outside and look at the moon and stars and enjoy their beauty. Or if walking is not your thing, then just a sit on the porch or patio and the moon and stars and sounds of the night would be nice. Or if all else fails, then you could try the lost art of conversation with a spouse or friend over a nice glass of whatever each liked. That too would be nice. Lot’s of choices, so enjoy the time while your remote is on the way.


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