I just signed an online petition indicating that I will not knowingly ever patronize a business that puts advertising money into Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.  I’ve not done something like that before, but, as have so many others, I now say, “enough is enough.”

I’ve never liked Rush.  I remember first seeing him on TV perhaps 10 or 15 years ago and noting how much glee he gained when making fun of someone.  He continually repeated a short video clip of some political figure saying something Rush disagreed with, and then, taking that phrase out of context, over and over again, he sought to make the speaker look ridiculous and stupid.

From that point onward, I chose to do all I could to avoid ever letting his poison enter my mind.

What he does is playground bully stuff, yet we reward it handsomely.  Rush is rich, powerful influential, and a very, very mean man.

Why is being mean so popular?  What is it that attracts so much attention?

I’m sure he’s got good brains–but good brains and a soul diminished by repeated unkindnesses to others should not be a combination that influences large numbers of people.

But it does.  Just as the mean kids in school are often the most popular ones and the “bad boys” are often the ones that get rewarded in the marketplace and in public adulation.

I honestly don’t get it.