Tyrone Gordon to begin new church this Sunday, March 4.

Last night, someone sent me this image:

I very much hoped this was a joke, but have just phoned the Radisson Hotel and they confirmed that this event is to take place on Sunday.

I continue to grieve at the devastation now being experienced more fully at St. Luke “Community” UMC in the aftermath of Mr. Gordon’s long tenure there as Senior Pastor.  As almost everyone knows, after The United Methodist Church, following the dictates of The Book of Discipline, washed their hands of Mr. Gordon, a lawsuit was filed with complaints of alleged sexual harassment by Mr. Gordon of one young man in his employ.

The lawsuit is public record. I have read it and was sickened by the allegations in it.  If anyone would like to know where to find it, please email me and I will direct you to the URL where it may be found.

I ask again here:  does Gordon just escape, free to allegedly prey on others, because by relinquishing his clergy credentials (which certainly looks like a  tacit admission of guilt and casts much doubt upon the character of Mr. Gordon), The United Methodist Church must stay silent here?  My soul in in anguish.  I trust the good people of St. Luke are more than anguished.

Added Tuesday, February 28:  a response to those who say I am being overly critical of Mr. Gordon.

Added Friday, March 1:  Second lawsuit filed against Mr. Gordon. Please see this link for information.

I have no further comment.

14 thoughts on “Tyrone Gordon to begin new church this Sunday, March 4.

  1. I will not judge but being familiar with these accusations surronding this individual and the situation that happened in Kansas, I would just like to say, what is done in the dark will always come to light, justice will be served. God knows what is right and what is wrong.


  2. I must admit that when I read the comments from you, a Pastor of the UMC, I was very saddened and disturbed by them. First of all, these are “all” allegations. These are not FACTS!. Anyone can create a lawsuit and put words on paper to make them look like a victim. I too am a member of St. Luke and I too pray for the Gordon family and the young man who filed this suit and St. Luke. But you do not have a clue and do not have any of the details. You as a Pastor should know better than anyone else about passing judgement and throwing stones. I pray that you will use your blogs to lift someone up, rather than trying to tear them down! Your comments are out of line!


  3. Why are you so quick to throw somone under the bus? Allegations have been made however they are just that. You assume the man is guilty. I hope that no one ever accuses you of something and people throw you under the bus before getting the whole story. Assuming guilt on someone without knowing everything and believe me the article printed is misleading in the paper. How much do you know about the details of the man filing the lawsuit besides what you have read? Im just saying I think we should wait for the whole story and not what we think is the story.


  4. To Anonymous:
    I would ask this of you. Are you praying for Mr. Gordon and the young minister who filed the lawsuit? What about the pastor you just raked over the coals? Are you praying for her and her ministry? What about the church Mr. Gordon left behind? Are you praying for them? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then God Bless You. If not, then perhaps like the rest of us you have a few faults and some work to do when it comes to asking for forgiveness and in forgiving others.
    I will be praying for you even though I don’t know your name. You have mine, so I would appreciate prayers


    1. To Angela, I am a member of St Luke. I am part of that church! WE as a church family need healing! I pray for my church family every single day and for the Gordon family. I also pray for Pastor Greer who has filed a lawsuit. I find it quite interesting that no one fully knows details but they are quick to pass judgement. If that is raking someone over the coals, then so be it! I dont know what your church preaches but I’m surprised to see a hate blog from a Pastor. I expect more from Christians. So very sad!


  5. I can’t believe that I’m seeing these comments from a woman of GOD! Don’t you teach and preach judge not lest ye be judged! Do you know this Pastor Tyrone Gordon? Have you spoken with him to know if he is guilty or innocent or do you, like others believe everything you read? I’m saddened by this blog. Everyone has a right to their opinion but I expect more from Pastors or person who say they are called to minister! You should be praying for Pastor Tyrone Gordon and his ministry and him personally instead of passing judgement. WOW!


  6. I just re-posted your graphic. You’ve got a real talent with this stuff! Hang in.


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  7. the lawsuits, i believe, were placed in criminal or civil court after the resignation kept him from being under the discipline of the church. so, essentially he’s taking an opportunity to start a church while under investigation and court proceedings. after which, what ever church congregation he gathers together will need to decide for themselves if he is credible to be in leadership for them.

    i feel bad for feeling gross, as someone should be able to make a living for themselves. especially if they haven’t been proven guilty of claims. still, i would have hoped that tyrone could have thought of something else to do with his talents than just jumping back into the pulpit. for now..


    1. you don’t why he steped down..all you are doing is assuming. You don’t know what went on behind the scences. Maybe he was tired of the accusations and the attitudes by the bishop and district superindent .You don’t know what this man went through before he and his family made this decision. I pray no one ever accuses you of something that others can judge your guilt or innocence, before proof is given. do you know either one of these persons that and what maybe their motivation for even suggesting something so awful? These persons filed a civil suit aganist Pastor Gordon, Pastor Holmes, the church and the UM conference. Stop judging..that’s why so many people are aganist organized religion, esp UM. I am glad he began a new ministry, he was called by God, not the bishop or people. God is his judge and yours too for that matter..to God sin is sin, He has used God’s ministry to reach and save a lot of souls. What is your ministry about, judging and tearing down. He is living what he preaches about, faith and trust in God, not man.


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