Last night, someone sent me this image:

I very much hoped this was a joke, but have just phoned the Radisson Hotel and they confirmed that this event is to take place on Sunday.

I continue to grieve at the devastation now being experienced more fully at St. Luke “Community” UMC in the aftermath of Mr. Gordon’s long tenure there as Senior Pastor.  As almost everyone knows, after The United Methodist Church, following the dictates of The Book of Discipline, washed their hands of Mr. Gordon, a lawsuit was filed with complaints of alleged sexual harassment by Mr. Gordon of one young man in his employ.

The lawsuit is public record. I have read it and was sickened by the allegations in it.  If anyone would like to know where to find it, please email me and I will direct you to the URL where it may be found.

I ask again here:  does Gordon just escape, free to allegedly prey on others, because by relinquishing his clergy credentials (which certainly looks like a  tacit admission of guilt and casts much doubt upon the character of Mr. Gordon), The United Methodist Church must stay silent here?  My soul in in anguish.  I trust the good people of St. Luke are more than anguished.

Added Tuesday, February 28:  a response to those who say I am being overly critical of Mr. Gordon.

Added Friday, March 1:  Second lawsuit filed against Mr. Gordon. Please see this link for information.

I have no further comment.